Preferred Advantage

Preferred Advantage




Preferred Advantage is a ground breaking way of doing business which differentiates us from our competitors. This enables us to focus on the highest quality of personal service and the value you deserve.

Our Preferred Advantage program ensures not only the success of your real estate transaction, but the quality, and integrity of your overall experience.



A Preferred Advantage Client Experience:

Our Focus: Providing a personalized experience for your home buying or home selling needs, desires, and goals.

Education: Providing experience, knowledge and guidance throughout the real estate process.

Establishing Clear Expectations: Examining the roles the brokerage and the Realtor(s) play in the sale or purchase of your home and how we will work together.

Commitment in Writing: An exclusive agreement will be signed as our promise and commitment to deliver on those expectations. Part of that agreement involves terms like, “good faith,” “diligent effort,” “looking out for the best interests of the client”. We want you to know that we take this very seriously. As a client, you will be treated and serviced as we would want to be treated and serviced.

Your Feedback: To measure and evaluate our performance, you will receive a survey to complete after the transaction.


Our Commitment to you:


We are continually enhancing our services through an unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity, skill, knowledge and innovation to surpass your needs.

As your Trusted Advisors we will listen to your needs, desires and goals, and recommend the right resources to help you achieve your desired results. We will utilize our specialized training, experience, and knowledge to help you make sense of the intricate home buying or selling process.

As Expert Negotiators we are committed to helping you get the best possible price, with the most favorable terms, in the shortest period of time. We will manage the buying and selling process from start to end to help you achieve your home buying or selling goals.

As Facilitators, we will keep the process moving by contributing structure and process by encouraging full participation, promoting mutual understanding and cultivating shared responsibility to your transactions.



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